Veronica Robles

Founder of Boston's First All Female Mariachi

As a Mariachi singer, dancer and teaching artist, Verónica Robles can adapt her programs for young and adult audiences. From schools to the most private events, she can create a special moment for everyone, everywhere.
Some of her services include:
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Veronica Robles is a New England States Touring (NEST) Artist

Through this program New England Foundation for the Arts provides support to New England based to Non-Profit organizations for public presentations and activities by New England artists such as Veronica Robles. Organizations based in Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire are eligible to apply to present Veronica’s programs.

Grants are available in amounts of up to 50% of the artists’ fees, and range from $400 to $10,000. Requests below $400 will not be accepted. Artists’ fees may include costs for creation of new work, travel, and per diem.

NEST 1 & 2 grant deadlines occur three times a year, or every four months, as follows:

  • First business day of August, for projects beginning on or after November 1
  • First business day of December, for projects beginning on or after March 1
  • First business day of March, for projects beginning on or after June 1

The annual NEST 3 grant deadline will be the first business day of March.

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