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Founder of Boston's First All Female Mariachi

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15, 2020
Veronica Robles, leader of Boston’s first all-female Mariachi band and co-founder of the Veronica Robles Cultural Center in East Boston, which promotes Latin American art and culture in Boston, was completely surprised to find herself among the 2020 Neighborhood Salon Luminaries.
12, 2019
Mariachi is a musical celebration of Mexican culture that requires practice, preparation and performance. The tradition is centuries old and dominated by men, but Veronica Robles has challenged part of that tradition – forming Boston’s first all-female mariachi band.
06, 2019
Latino cultural icon Veronica Robles assembled Boston’s first-ever all-female Mariachi band. We could add dozens of other examples. These artists represent the new Boston.
02, 2019
El Planeta
Cuando pensamos en Mariachis, generalmente se nos viene a la mente la imagen de un grupo de músicos hombres que están interpretando rancheras mexicanas al final de una fiesta o en una cantina. Presione aqui para leer el artículo completa
31, 2018
VERONICA ROBLES CONCERT - Founder of Boston's First All Women Mariachi​
In a beautiful blue and white traje de charro, the traditional mariachi uniform with the replacement of a skirt instead of the usual trousers, Veronica’s beautiful voice echoes throughout the church. Behind her stands her female-mariachi band.
31, 2018
We use the power of arts and culture to teach, inspire and perpetuate family values to help raise loving men and women as well as future leaders with respect to elders and community.
10, 2018
Instead of being couch potatoes on Columbus Day, some smart families headed off to enjoy the first of the John F. Kennedy Library Celebrate Series. The concert featured Veronica Robles high spirited Mexican Mariachi Band blending music, dance and culture with an interactive twist.
20, 2018
Exhale - In the News - veronica robles Founder of Boston's First All Women Mariachi​
“I’ve been a mariachi singer since I was 14 years old,” Robles tells Exhale. “I always tell people it makes me feel very sexy because it’s covered bottom to top with a hat. All there is to see is my smile.”
19, 2018

The performance of Alexander Faría with “La Mera Mera” Veronica Robles that marked the hearts of the people.

14, 2018
“Like so many music scenes, the mariachi world is dominated by men. All-women mariachi bands have emerged as a kind of antidote, and can be found in cities like Los Angeles and New York. Robles says it’s time Boston had one, too.”
03, 2018
East Boston News - veronica robles Founder of Boston's First All Women Mariachi​

Robles hopes the all-female mariachi group will inspire more young girls to get involved in what has been historically a male-dominated musical scene.

“I hope someday I can open a mariachi music school and give youth the opportunity to learn the music and instruments within the mariachi genre like they would in other music schools,” she said.

30, 2018
El Planeta
La agrupación tiene como meta inspirar a las personas a apreciar la diversidad y fomentar la unidad, el amor y respeto mutuo
25, 2018
In a time of much division on the politics of immigration, Veronica Robles has a message of love and unity. She just happens to deliver it wearing a bright red sombrero and singing mariachi music with a band of women behind her.
Veronica Robles Mural
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