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Meet “Mama Coco”

“Mi mamá Coco inspired me and encouraged me to become a Mariachi”.

Hola my dear fans,

I would like you to meet Mama Coco, she was my grandmother (Mi abuelita). Her name was Maria del Socorro (Coco) González Peláez. She was born in Aguascaliente, Mexico. She married my grandfather (Mi abuelito) Ramon Tarano Martinez, he was born in Spain in Europe. They were my grandparents (Mis abuelitos) from my mother’s side. They had 12 children, eight girls and four boys, they are my aunts and uncles. (Mis tios).

Mama Coco was very special to me, because she was the one who inspired me and encouraged me to become a Mariachi singer. Would you like to learn more about it? Please follow my blog.

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