Year of Women in Mariachi

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Professional women in the music of Mariachi or another musical genre interested in venturing into this genre and being part of the Female Mariachi of Veronica Robles in Boston. If you can read music, excellent! but if you manage better learning by ear, you are also qualified.

Mariachi women from all countries who wish to be part of the Veronica Robles Female’s Mariachi in Boston and the New England region.

If you live outside the New England region in the US or other country, you must be willing to stay in Boston for a minimum of 6 months . If you live in Boston you must have a flexible schedule to meet the commitments of shows and presentations.

Women who play mariachi instruments (Guitar, Vihuela, Guitarron, Violin, Trumpet).
Women who play electric or acoustic bass, harp, accordion, jarana, four, tiple, marimba.

  • Women of ages 22 – 45 years old
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) speaker but no necessary 
  • Must be committed to be part of a group and follow rules
  • Great partnership spirit and willingness to learn and share knowledge 
  • Must like to be part of a band and be a teamplayer
  • Must follow group rules and schedule
submit the following material:
  • Submit 2 videos:
      • A Video of you telling Veronica Robles why you want to participate in the “2020 Year of Female Mariachi” open call
      • A Video of you playing the song Cuando Sale La Luna by José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Upload the 2 videos in One (1) folder in GOOGLE DRIVE or DROPBOX and submit the link along with the form below
  • After the 6 months program in Boston participant MUST return to their country of origin
  • Fill out and submit the form below

   Note: 1 entry per person ONLY

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