Del Otro Lado

Veronica Robles All Women Mariachi

Meet the first ever all Women Mariachi Band the New England Region.

Veronica Robles receives The Boston Foundation LAB

Award Winning Mexican singer Veronica Robles receives The Boston Foundation 2018 Live Arts Boston (LAB) grant to support her project “Veronica Robles All Female Mariachi Concert Singing Songs of the World”

Visit Veronica Robles Mural on Paris St. East Boston

Mayor Marty Walsh unveiled a mural to honor Veronica Robles

Concerts, Festivals and Recitals

Accompanied by her Mariachi ensemble Veronica Robles sings traditional Mexican song, Latin-American melodies, original songs and some English tunes.

A Dance Journey Through Latin America

This program provides students the opportunity to learn about some Latin American countries’ music, dance, geography and culture.

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Veronica Robles accompanied by her Mariachi ensemble

Repertory includes traditional Mexican songs, Latin-American melodies, original songs and some English tunes.

Available for concerts, recitals, festivals, corporate events, wedding, sweet sixteen (Quinceañeras).

Colleges, universities, museums, libraries, also available for parades with including the float and sound amplificiation. 

A Dance Journey Through Latin America

The primary educational objective of this program is to enrich the student’s knowledge on some Latin American countries’ music, dance, geography and culture.  

During the 60 min. presentation students are exposed to several dance performance from different countries of Latin American. Some students have the opportunity to learn a dance choreography and perform for the audience.  Students have the opportunity to try on costumes and props.

At the end of the presentation students will be able to differentiate the style of dance and music of each country.


Performance includes authentic traditional costumes, and a map.


Available Options:

Veronica Robles and dancers (6 people)

Veronica Robles and dance partner (2 people)

Veronica Robles Solo Performance

Grades:  K-12


Dance Workshops / Residencies

Veronica customizes interactive educational workshops for teachers and for students of all age groups, providing the opportunity to experience culture through learning traditional dance and music. (For groups or individuals).


  • Mexican Dance

  • Aztec Dance

  • Latin-American Dance (Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, El Salvador)

Residencies for Advance Music Class

Mariachi Music Ensemble

Veronica and her Mariachi teach students to play traditional Mexican songs and dances ending with an performance.


  • Folkloric Dance

  • Mariachi Music

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