#VroccBoston Christmas Shopping Fair 2015

Viernes (Friday) 05 de Febrero (February) del 2016

Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) First Christmas Shopping Fair to support local artisans and entrepeneurs was a great networking opportunity and celebration of culture. Special thanks to Cecilia Bardales, CB Unlimited Tax Consulting owner and Michelle Defronzo, Imex Cargo owner for supporting our Annual Thanksgiving Campaign to provide food baskets that included a trukey and supermarket gifts cards for local families in need. 


  1. Leonor Sanchez, Peruvian Hand Made Craft S&C Exchange

  2. Alejandra Gamiz, Diseños y Creaciones Alejandra

  3. Eloiza Ramires, Idea Kreativa

  4. Maria Teresa, Alma de Arbol

  5. Ana Garnica, Mayaland Resort in Yucatan, Mexico

  6. Diana Cardona, Maninuts & Chocolafe

  7. Erika Ramos, Arbonne

  8. Silvana Zuchieri, Zuchieri's Bijuterias

  9. Carlinda, Mary Kay

  10. Helga Barroso

  11. Annette Diaz

  12. Amanda Donis, East Boston Beauty Academy

  13. Maggie Lopez, Hair and Make Up by Maggie Lopez

  14. Cecilia Bardales, CB Unlimited Tax Consulting

  15. Michelle DeFronzo, Imex Cargo - Amerijet

  16. Jose Luis, Angela’s Cafe

  17. Victor Mourre, Boston Cosmetic and Laser Center

  18. Rebeca Sanchez, VROCC

  19. Novedades San Patricio

​​Music by

  1. El Verdugo de la Salsa,

  2. Sebastian Medina

  3. New Inca Son

Dance groups

  1. Doris and Bernie HIcks

  2. Soñando por Mañana of New Bedford

  3. Acre Girls of Lowell

  4. VROCC students

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