#Dancing Elotes Week 15

Sábado (Saturday) 03 de Diciembre (December) del 2016



Our usual Maverick T-stop friends stopped by the Dancing Elotes cart to grab their weekly elote fix. As they walked away munching on their corn one excitedly muttered, “ its more affordable than the T”. 


This week, we were graced by the Guatemalan group Coro Victoria. A group of about ten men and women approached the Farmer’s Market in colorful Guatemalan shirts excited to perform for the crowd. After trying some of our elotes locos, which happened to match their shirts,  they cleaned up and teased the crowd with two acapella styled songs. Coro Victoria later migrated to  VROCC for a community night performance.


One of our last customers of the day said, “I came all the way over here just for the elotes”. I guess all our social media marketing is coming to good use. After she sunk her teeth into her first elote loco, she promised she’d come back next week for more.


Don’t forget that next week is sadly the last Farmer’s Market. But definitely not the last time for you try our elote locos. Contact us at vroccboston@gmail.com if you would like Dancing Elotes to visit your next event.

Written by Chantelle bacigalupo

Photographs by Chantelle bacigalupo

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