#Dancing Elotes Week 14

Sábado (Saturday) 08 de Octubre (October) del 2016

Week 14


The cold autumn air is beginning to pick up. The few people who visited the Farmer’s Market this week were bundled in layers with their shoulders curled up to their ears. The Dancing Elotes stand proudly stands as one of the few left at the East Boston Farmer’s Market.


We had joked about it before, but our artist in residence Carolyn gave birth just a couple of ours before the farmer’s market started. We are so happy to welcome her son Nico into the VROCC family! We made sure to finish up the final touches on the sculpture. However, wet hands and cold air don’t make for the best combination, so there were a lot of elote breaks in between.


This week we had  Veronica leading the crafts table on how to create dolls out of corn husk. We then warmed our bodies up as she lead a group of people to learn La Danza Del Permiso (Permission Dance). VROCC student Angelo, and weekly farmer’s market attendee Brian drummed the rhythm together for the dance to take place. The background celebrity piano music mixed in with the rhythm as Veronica led the group into asking permission from Mother earth to work on her.


We have two more weeks at the farmer’s market. Make sure you make it out next week because we’ll be holding a special performance from “Coro Victoria”!

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