Sábado (Saturday) 20 de Agosto (August) del 2016


Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the events of The Dancing Elotes Kick- Off Ceremony that happened this week! It was wonderful to finally bring everyone together who has supported and contributed to the project over the last couple of weeks.

With the expected turnout for the ceremony this week, we made sure to stock up on extra corn. Cancun graciously donated around 175  pieces of corn for everyone to enjoy at the farmer’s market, and we sold out by the end of the evening!
We hit the ground sprinting during Wednesday’s preparations. Univision was on the scene eager to learn  and share our story.  Their big camera and tripod at first sight was rather intimidating. However, the youth staff quickly adapted around Univision’s presence. They were naturals in front of the camera as they carried on with Wednesday’s usual preparations. In fact, one of our youth staff Elizabeth Diaz spoke about her experience and it aired as a part of the final news cut. If you’d like to watch the piece that Univision shared on the Dancing Elotes Project click here.
The afternoon flowed as usual with familiar faces  visiting us for their favorite styled corn, and  curious new faces diving into the activities of the Dancing Elotes stand. The beautiful sculpture created by the talented Carolyn Lewnberg is blossoming! A new color has been integrated into the corn art-making process: blue. It is really making the sculpture pop! In Just seven weeks, the first layer of the sculpture seems to be coming to a close, and the community will begin to contribute to the final layer of dressing the sculpture.
At around 4:30p.m,  our special guests and community partners began to arrive on the scene of colored hands, full stomachs, and rythmns.  Everyone gathered i as a number of supporters spoke about the importance of the project and the impact they see it having in the community.
" Nos queda claro, nuestro cultura es nuestor mejor arma. Y sabemos que el camino al Corazon es por el estomago." - Mexican Consulate
" This is the way we build community." - Adrian Madaro
The Ceremony ended with the group of people holding hands as a community to form a circle, and learn the steps to "La Danza Del Permiso" led by the talented Andrea Rios. And we continuted to sell elotes into the evening, being the last group to leave the farmer's market.
We'll be selling elotes at the farmer's market through the fall. And then we'll be bring our festivites to the VROCC. Make sure you visit our calendar to learn about all the upcoming events related to Dancing Elotes.

A special, special thank you to


Adrián Madaro, Representante Estatal del 1er distrito de Suffolk

Sal Lamattina, Concejal de Boston

Emilio Barrasa, Honorable Consul de Mexico en Boston

Azucena López, Honorable Cónsul de El Salvador en Boston

Jane Preston, Subdirector de New England Foundation for the Arts

Steven Snyder, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Frank Ramirez, Dir. Ejecutivo del Concilio Ecumenico de la comunidade de East Boston

Rita Lara, Directora Ejecutiva de Landing Community Services

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

La Cancun Cancun Restaurant

Boston Harbor Real Estate

Consulado de México en Boston, Imex Cargo, CB Unlimited Community Services, Taco Mex



This project was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts' Creative City Grant, with funding from The Barr Foundation.



Written by Chantelle Bacigalupo

Photos by Chantelle Bacigalupo



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