Viernes (Friday) 12 de Agosto (August) del 2016



Rain, Rain, Go away. Rain, Rain we’re here to stay!


Despite a cloudy and wet day on Wednesday, The Dancing Elotes team was not about to leave just yet. We were creative with what the weather had in store for us, and still managed to sell out of our corn by 4:30 p.m.




Mother Nature needed some rain this week. Unfortunately, the rain was enough to cancel  the East Boston Farmer’s Market, leaving us confused with what to do next. But with 80 pieces of corn already cooked, we were not about to let them rot. We took to social media to inform the community that we still were selling corn. People placed their orders via Facebook, and then picked up their corn at Maverick Landing where we had relocated. Once the rain stopped, we moved back to Lewis Mall with our corn cart, and the line began to form quickly.



This week’s special guest for reading to the children was El Salvador Counsel Azucena Lopez. She showed up on time ready for her part, but weather did not permit. Instead, we gave Lopez a tour of our partners in the area who have contributed in one way or another to Dancing Elotes. We started off at Maverick Landing where we prepare and cook the corn each week. We then took her to Maverick Empire Real Estate where our sculpture is displayed in the window. As the tour continued, members of the community tagged along learning more about the process of the project, and taking photos.


Soon enough, it was 4:30 pm. and we were all sold out of our 80 pieces of corn. The day ended with Lopez riding the bike to record a promo inviting everyone to come and taste our delicious corn on the cob.






With so many ways to enjoy your corn, we decided to make the decision a little easier. This week we have created a menu for our Elotes.


Elotes Loco: Salvadoran Style

(Mayo, mustard, ketchup and cheese)


Elote Ardiente: Mexican Style

(Mayo, Hot pepper powder, Tajin sauce and Salsa Valentina)


Elote Gringo: (USA Style)



Vero-Elote: Veronica Robles favorite

 (Lemon, Tajin, Salsa Valentina and Hot pepper powder)


Elote my way: Your choice

(You pick your ingredients)


Special thanks to LUIS VASCO owner of TacoMex Retaurant who donated 2 boxes of Elotes this week.



This project was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts' Creative City Grant, with funding from The Barr Foundation.

Written by Chantelle Bacigalupo

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