#Dancing Elotes Blog 5

Domingo (Sunday) 07 de Agosto (August) del 2016

Certainly It’s been one of the most eventful Dancing Elote Weeks yet! This week, we debuted our instruments and the dancing. The evening included special guests Adrian Madaro our State Representative and Miss El Salvador Massachusetts pageant Michelle Romero.


As usual we started our week picking up, husking and prepping the elotes. Right after that the youth staff went out to practice their community outreach skills, because one of the most important parts to any project is perfecting the "elevator pitch” right? We had the pleasure of sharing the project with Erika Sanchez a community activist and a group of lovely muslim ladies and their children. At the end of the day we joined the weekly Walks for Peace 2016 with some police officers, local leaders and neighbors. By joining this walk our team is helping to enhance relationships among key piece stateholders to develop creative solutions to violence in our neighborhood. The Walks for Peace take place every Tuesdays at 6PM until September 10TH.


On Wednesday the day began with a small drum and tambourine displayed to later perform “La Danza del Permiso," but before that could take place, we had our opening act - improvisation by the kids of East Boston. Yay!! Children gathered around the instruments taking turns to intuitively play the rhythms inside them. Their music echoed through the entrance of the East Boston Farmers Market.


Later on children’s attention transitioned from music to books with special guests Adrian Madaro our State Representative, Miss El Salvador Massachusetts pageant Michelle Romero and Karla Trigueros Founder and Director of Miss El Salvador Massachusetts. Our guests read a variety of books to the children as they gathered in their character-themed chairs. “Reading brings you knowledge, and with knowledge the sky's the limit,” said Romero. This part of the program was coordinated by one of our community partners Cecilia Bardales Community Services and Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) in collaboration with East Boston Public Library, and Miss El Salvador Massachusetts.


After giving their time to Dancing Elotes project, our reading guests dove into the full experience of what the project is about. State Representative Madaro sunk his teeth into his first Elote Loco and said, “We’ve been eating corn the wrong way all these years.” Romero got her hands dirty by contributing her art piece to the sculpture. Before they left, Veronica, Romero, and Madaro did a live social media post inviting the community and beyond to experience Dancing Elotes. Madaro finished off by saying,  "this is what it means to build a community”. Carolyn was super excited to see the progress we are making to dress up the sculpture of the dancers. Her dress is getting stripes, flowers, and designs, and his shirt and pants are beginning to fill in with color. The day continued with more corn, more art, and more fun. We finally were ready to go home just as the sun began to set.


We would like to welcome Dancing Elotes new member Andrea Rios from Mexico. Next week we will officially start the dance workshop to learn “La Danza del Permiso” and Andrea will be facilitating this part of the program. Come one come all to learn this easy routine so we can dance as a community. The excitement only continues because the upcoming weeks will include more surprise guests!!



This project was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts' Creative City Grant, with funding from The Barr Foundation.

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