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Viernes (Friday) 22 de Julio (July) del 2016

Week One 06/07/16

It was not easy, but we can proudly say that the Dancing Elotes kick-off at the East Boston Farmer's Market was a huge success!

Our day started at 11a.m., with a strong sun that promised the hottest day of the summer. We were ready to sweat, from work and from heat. We gathered at the Sumner Street Farmers Market, right off the blue line at Maverick station.


Our artist in residence Carolyn lead the youth staff to Maverick Landing, where one of our community partners let us borrow the kitchen. There we boiled the corn and prepared for the arts and crafts by separating corn husks. Thanks to everyone at Maverick Landing, you were so helpful!


Meanwhile, the VROCC adult team that included Veronica, Cesar, and Chantelle headed back to the Veronica Robles Cultural Center in Orient Heights to bring the sculpture and tricycle to the Farmer's Market. With the massive size of both objects, it was not easy. Thankfully, Sandra Nijjar, a lovely member of the community let us use her car to transport the sculpture alongside Cesar.



Veronica and Chantelle Were in charge of transporting the bright orange tricyle to the farmers' market. However, after a sequence of unfortunate events they had an accident falling off the tricycle in the parking lot of VROCC. Thankfully, Chantelle was unharmed; However, Veronica resulted  with a broken arm. By chance, Mr. Norberto Norberto Jr. and his son, good Samaritans, drove by in their pickup truck soon after the accident. Then strangers now friends, they were nice enough to haul the tricycle onto the bed of the truck and make two stops: First - the Farmer's Market. Two - the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Clinic.

With a smile on her face and still making jokes, Veronica was able to work through the pain while the doctors took care of her. She stayed strong, focused, and hopeful! After the X-ray results came in, she learned that her arm injury was more serious than expected and was immediately transported to Mass General Hospital.


But the show must go on, right?


Back in East Boston, Carolyn and Cesar led the youth through the kick off of #Dancing Elotes. Although the corn took longer to cook than expected (It takes about one hour to steam 100 ears of corn), the corn was ready for the Farmer's Market just as the opening ceremonies were ending. Almost immediately, our vibrant orange tricycle had the longest line at the market. The teens were in the ZONE, preparing and selling corn the way the customers desired.They did an incredible job selling all 100 corn in just over an hour. We were so pleased with the outcome of the day's corn sale !!

 Here we share the photo of our first corn customer!


The excitement continued. At around 6pm, #VROCC stars arrived wearing traditional costumes representing various  Latin American countries.


They were adorable, and people took great photos with them and the sculpture.


We regret due to Veronica's accident that we had to postpone the kick-off ceremony with officials and Consuls, but we will let you know the new date.


Overall though, we all had great time !! We hope to see you on our Second Day of #DancingElotes on Wednesday, July 13 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

We will have 150 corn to meet our growing demand, but come soon, we may sell out again! 


Please check back every Friday for updates, and to learn more about how you can Get Involved!

This Program is brought to you by New England Foundation for the Arts Program's Creative Cities. 


Special thanks to Mexican Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Consulate of Mexico in Boston.  




We are looking for a volunteer with a pick up truck Who is willing to help us transport our tricycle before or after the farmer's market.


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