Visit Veronica Robles Mural on Paris St. East Boston

Mayor Marty Walsh unveiled a mural to honor Veronica Robles

Veronica Robles autenticamente Mariachi

Siempre he sido y sere una cantante de Mariachi

Veronica Robles Embajadora Cultural

Representando la musica de Mariachi desde los 14 años de edad

American Jewish Committee Global Forum

For more than a century, AJC has been the leading global Jewish advocacy organization. With offices across the United States and around the globe, and partnerships with Jewish communities worldwide, AJC works to enhance the well-being of the Jewish people and to advance human rights and democratic values for all.

Daniel H. Joseph Consul of Mexico in Boston

Ambassador Daniel Hernandez Joseph is the current consul general of Mexico in Boston, Carlos Mendez President of The Association of Mexican Restauranteurs of New England and Sergio Ramos Tequila expert.

Mayor Jon Mitchell, New Bedford, MA

Mayor Jon Mitchell is New Bedford’s thirty-eighth mayor. In November 2013, he was the first sitting New Bedford mayor since 1866 not to be opposed for reelection.

Charlie Baker, Gobernador / Governor

Charlie Baker actual gobernador de Massachusetts / Charlie Baker current governor of Massachusetts

Thomas M. Menino Alcalde / Mayor of Boston

Thomas M. Menino was the city's longest-serving mayor in Boston. He died in 2014. / Menino fue el alcalde con más tiempo en ese cargo en la historia de la ciudad de Boston. Falleció en el 2014.

Deval J. Patrick, Gobernador / Governor

Deval Patrick fue gobernador de Massachusetts del 2007 al 2015 / Deval Patrick Governor of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2015

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